1. What's up with the yellow dot?

Great question and to answer, it's actually a mustard seed! We've all heard it before, "if you have the faith the size of a mustard seed..." but what's so special about a mustard seed? Well, first of all its small. Really small, like 1-2 millimeters (that's tiny y'all!). It's rich in oil (save that talk for another day) and while it has very humble beginnings, it produces large, bushy trees up to 6' tall! What better representation of faith, confidence, and endurance?! It's not the prettiest seed, but it adds the perfect bit of flavor to anything we add it to - much like we are as the salt of the earth. Plus, it was important enough for Him to make mention of it and let's be real... mustard just makes everything better!


2. What other items are available?

We're working hard to bring the best designs that represent the true nature of FaithLeisure. Each article is made to encourage thought-provoking conversations with those who don't know Who your faith is in or why having faith is so important. We aim to create timeless pieces, not just another t-shirt. So keep coming back and tell your friends. Odds are something new will be available just in time to encourage you to #getchafaitup.

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